Peaceful solutions exist. Let’s find them together.

Denver Mediator and Family Law Attorney
Law Office of Lynne A. Weitzel, P.C.

Start with diplomacy.

Mediators help you reach an amicable solution rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Most situations only need a structured conversation.

Don’t escalate your divorce or custody action, contact Mediate Don’t Litigate first.

If your situation escalates, it can lead to:

Relationship Damage

It’s in everyone’s best interest to stay civil. You don’t want communication to break down.

Additional Stress

These situations are hard enough. Reducing stress wherever possible is mission critical.

Enormous Cost

The more emotions become inflamed, the longer it takes to resolve. This can inflate cost.



You can have the best of both worlds.

By starting with mediation you maximize the likelihood of:

  • Solving all disputes quickly
  • Saving many thousands of dollars
  • Minimizing stress
  • Getting this situation behind you quickly, so you can move on

Peacefulness is Priceless

Meet Lynne Weitzel, P.C.

After graduating from the University of California in Los Angeles and then Tulane Law School, I wound up in Colorado practicing family law. That was in 1994. For the past 30 plus years, I have both litigated and settled too many divorce and parenting actions to count. After seeing the numerous cases which have been resolved in mediation, or should have been resolved in mediation, I decided to quit divorce litigation and open my door for mediation to help families come together during what can be a very difficult time.


I believe most issues in divorce and custody matters can be settled via discussion and compromise between the parties. Parties often need a neutral third party, however, to help them navigate the system, fashion a parenting plan, or reach a compromise on the division of property. Moving toward a resolution of issues, rather than spending thousands of dollars litigating matters, is usually in everyone’s best interest. A full agreement will also save the parties time and energy.

  • Positive Outcomes Lead to Happy Clients
  • Positive Outcomes Lead to Happy Clients

You want her on your side
I had a very challenging case and found Lynne after another lawyer completely mismanaged and nearly ruined my chances of a fair outcome. Within five minutes of meeting Lynne I felt in capable hands. She is informed, a professional and excellent in court. She cares and you feel safe and supported during very trying times. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

– Shelley

I wouldn’t retain anyone else.
When it comes to legal matters involving children, it is absolutely imperative to have the right attorney by your side. Lynne Weitzel is as good as they come. My case was a high-conflict case and Lynne handled it with care and ease. Lynne’s paperwork was prompt and prepared with fact and finesse.
– Christopher
Helpful and Efficient
I had the pleasure of working with Lynne and her Staff last year. She handled my divorce and was not only helpful and efficient, but very supportive as well. Lynne made my misfortune a lot easier to understand and was able to protect my interests for many years to come. I couldn’t give her enough praise for all that she did.
– Carmel







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